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Teeing off....

Teeing off….

hmmm…so we have had a bit of a revelation….upon scouting dear old web for golf courses worldwide we found there was not the resources available we had expected…sure there were some very tasty brochure type individual sites dedicated to single courses and clubs…and your usual monsters like etc….but nout of the variety we hungered […]

Some new touches to the site

…worked hard on a new CLIENTS SECTION…we think our site needed it…a handy place to list pretty much all the businesses we have had the pleasure to work with to date (hopefully will fill up nicely over time…fingers tightly crossed!)…have some exciting new projects in the pipeline too…so check the OUR WORK secton (which we […]

Cork Week 2010 has arrived...

Cork Week 2010 has arrived…

All the hard work over at is finally paying off. Details of the Entertainment programme for Cork Week 2010 have been announced at a launch at the Kiln, Heineken Brewery, in Cork [9 June, 2010]. Headline acts for the event, which takes place at the Royal Cork Yacht Club, Crosshaven, include The Coronas, Fred, […]

New Project: Cork Tinnitus

New Project: Cork Tinnitus

We were approached to brand and create a simple and easy to use information based website for the Cork Tinnitus Support Group. The group has been a part of the Irish Tinnitus Association since it was in Founded in 1997. Our solution? A fresh and appealing interface with easy to use navigation allowing users to […]

Using technology wisely is sweet work

Using technology wisely is sweet work

(The following article is from our writeup in the Sunday Business Post) Start-ups in the new media sphere must be flexible and adaptable when developing their business model, according to James O’Sullivan, coowner of website developer JamjoDesign. ‘‘In our business, there is no revenue model that you can write down and follow each time,’’ said […]

Over 50,000 visits!

Over 50,000 visits!

Today we are pleased to announce a milestone….just over 50,000 visits to JAMJO’s websites last month!….roughly 70 clients in all…our bouce rate (essentially the percentage of people that nip off to another site having viewed only 1 page) is a respectable 31%… Avinash Kaushik, a Google analytics specialist says: “It is really hard to get […]

So what does one think about the new site?

So what does one think about the new site?

So we finally got around to our brand and spanking new JAMJO website…complete overhaul on the brand was called for…clean, simple and beautiful was the brief we set ourselves…let the work do the talking we said…aesthetics and technics we thought…brains and beauty we fathomed…did we succeed?…hmmm…i think we got close (what do you think? leave […]

RSS in Plain English!!

We are not sure who many times we are asked to explain RSS feeds or Really Simple Syndication, but it had to have been more than twice in the last few years!!! 🙂 So before I post the following video I would like to say YES this explanation is slightly annoying but its still the […]

Stop using IE6, Says Microsoft :)

Finally Microsoft is beginning to pull the plug on IE6. Google gets hacked, by cyber criminals in China, and Microsoft has acknowledged that their Internet Explorer browser was part of the problem – at least someone owns up to things these days!!! Specifically, Internet Explorer Version 6 was part of the problem, and Microsoft is […]


Welcome to the new Jamjo Design Blog. Its a very simple and tasty blog. We do hope you’ll return here to see our latest updates on new exciting projects we are working on. We’ll be giving you the lowdown on all the recent work we’ve been tinkering with and maybe even some sneak peaks at […]