Finally Microsoft is beginning to pull the plug on IE6. Google gets hacked, by cyber criminals in China, and Microsoft has acknowledged that their Internet Explorer browser was part of the problem – at least someone owns up to things these days!!! Specifically, Internet Explorer Version 6 was part of the problem, and Microsoft is quick to point out that version 8 is much better, and much more secure. Cliff Evans, Microsoft’s Head of Security and Privacy in the UK used these words not us:)

It has been coming and is good news for all website development in future years. Don’t get me wrong way back in 2001 IE6 was a great little browser and pulled everyone along with it but it’s certainly being laid to rest in the coming year or even months. Youtube and Google have been phasing out support for the browser as of late. Youtube has simply followed in the footsteps of Digg which has been hinting at cutting away from IE6 for a long time now.

When the day eventually arrives we will be having a little party at Jamjo HQ, all invited….