1. General Terms

JamJo has the right to monitor the Website, and in its sole discretion to remove any content that JamJo finds objectionable for any reason, without prior notice to Owner. This includes but is not limited to: Pornography, Spamming, Phishing Scams, Illegal business practices, any material infringing on National or International Copyright.

Website Owner is solely responsible for any liability arising out of or related to the Web Site. Owner agrees to indemnify and hold JamJo harmless from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, costs, and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees and experts’ fees, associated with any claim or action brought against JamJo related to or arising out of the Web Site or Owner’s breach of its warranties under this Agreement.

JamJo owns and retains full rights to any code/programs or software developed by JamJo.

JamJo assumes that all content provided by the JamJo client for use in a new website design and build (including text, images and all other assets provided by the client) is original and does not infringe on existing copyrights.

Any software used in website product or service released under the General Public License (GPL) is governed by such.

JamJo reserves the right to modify and/or change these terms and conditions at any time.

Confidential Information means all confidential and proprietary information of a party disclosed either before of after the effective date of this Agreement and marked as such (if such information is capable of being so marked) regarding such party’s products and business that are disclosed by such party (the “Disclosing Party”) to the other party (the “Non-Disclosing Party”) under this Agreement including, but not limited to, the Disclosing Party’s intellectual property. Confidential Information also includes (a) the unpublished prices and other terms of service, audit and security reports, data center designs and other proprietary technology and (b) all information transmitted to or from, stored on or otherwise processed by the servers or other devices used in the provision of the Services. Confidential Information does not include information: (i) in the public domain at the time of delivery, (ii) subsequently published or otherwise made part of the public domain through no fault of the Non-Disclosing Party or its representatives, (iii) in the Non-Disclosing Party’s possession at the time of disclosure and not acquired by the Non-Disclosing party directly or indirectly from Disclosing Party or its representatives on a confidential basis, (iv) which becomes available to the Non-Disclosing Party on a non-confidential basis from a source not under an obligation of confidentiality to the Disclosing Party, or (v) information that is independently developed without reference to the Confidential Information, as evidenced by written records maintained in the ordinary course of business.

2. Your Obligations

You the client are solely responsible for the content you post on your website. You agree to fully comply with all of the obligations and restrictions set forth in the Terms & Conditions. You agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, make all payments of Fees when due and comply with any and all laws applicable to your use of the Services. You shall cooperate with JamJo’s investigation of service outages, security issues or any suspected breach of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

3. Subscription Renewals

Please take note that all subscriptions for JamJo services and products (including WordPress Hosting) will be automatically renewed at the appropriate time each month. This is based on the date you signed up, and is reflected in your statements accessible from your client dashboard.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, then please login to your account dashboard and cancel your subscription.

No refunds whatsoever will be given in this regard.

4. Browser Compatibility

Our designs support all modern web browsers including (but not limited to) Firefox, Safari, Chrome (all on PC & Mac) & Internet Explorer 8 & 9. Whilst we strive to give every design a seamless & near-identical experience across each of these browsers, it is impossible to compensate for the lack of web standards support (relating to HTML & CSS) in some of these browsers.

Thankfully we do not support IE 6 and 7.

5. Delivery

After we have successfully received your payment, your JamJo Subscription or Individual Theme information will be emailed to the email address you provided. This may take up to 1 hour but usually happens within minutes. If you do not receive an email after this time period please email us at info@jamjo.ie

Upon logging in with the provided credentials, you will have instant access to JamJo’s support area.

6. Billing Details

Transactions on your account should appear with the description: “JamJo”. The registered processing entity is: JamJo Limited, Avonlee, Garravagh, Inniscarra, Co. Cork, Ireland.

7. Refund Policy

JamJo maintains a policy of No refunds. Due to the month-to-month, cancel anytime nature of this agreement, JamJo shall not be compelled to issue a refund, pro-rated or otherwise for any reason. JamJo reserves the right to issue a refund on a case-by-case basis at JamJo’s sole discretion.

8. Suspension of Service

You acknowledge and agree that JamJo may suspend providing the Services to you, in whole or in part, without liability if (i) you fail to pay the Fees due for a period of forty-five days after the date of the invoice, (ii) you are in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy, (iii) you fail to reasonably cooperate with JamJo’s investigation of any suspected breaches of this Agreement, (iv) JamJo reasonably believes that servers (as part of any service or product offered by JamJo) have been accessed or manipulated by a third party without your or JamJo’s consent, (v) JamJo reasonably believes that suspension of the Services is necessary to protect the JamJo environment generally, or (vi) JamJo is obligated to suspend Services via subpoena, court order or otherwise as required by law. In the event of any suspension of Service pursuant to subsections (i), (ii) or (iii), you shall pay JamJo full payment of the balance due on the account, including late payment interest, if any.

IN THE EVENT JamJo TAKES ANY ACTION PURSUANT TO THIS SECTION, IT SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY TO YOU OR ANYONE CLAIMING BY OR THROUGH YOU. Nothing herein shall preclude JamJo from pursuing other remedies available by statute or otherwise permitted by law.

9. Termination/Cancellation

You may cancel service at anytime by following our published cancellation procedure. Your service will cancel/terminate within 5 days after following this procedure. This will allow you some time to export your files before the site is removed from our system.

10. Maintenance

JamJo may from time to time conduct routine tests, maintenance, upgrade or repair on any part of the network, and JamJo shall use commercially reasonable efforts to give you prior notice thereof. You acknowledge that there may be instances where it is not practicable for JamJo to give advance notice of a disruption, for example, in the event of an emergency, and JamJo shall be entitled to disrupt the Services to conduct restoration and remedial works without prior notice.

11. Price Changes

JamJo reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue (temporarily or permanently) a subscription (or any part thereof) with or without notice. Prices of all services and products, including but not limited to monthly subscription plan fees, are subject to change upon 30 days notice from us. Such notice may be provided at any time by posting the changes to the JamJo website.