hmmm…so we have had a bit of a revelation….upon scouting dear old web for golf courses worldwide we found there was not the resources available we had expected…sure there were some very tasty brochure type individual sites dedicated to single courses and clubs…and your usual monsters like etc….but nout of the variety we hungered for… that got the brains thinking…and thus……Maptee was born… to be precise…head on over for a visual spark of what might be……so whats it gonna actually do when we finally polish it and lift it oof the JAMJO conveyor belt…..well…. is an easy, intuitive, and social way of accessing golf courses worldwide. Unlike your typical website, we wont make this hard for you. We use a sophisticated Google Maps ‘thingy me bob’ to help you find and explore those courses you have not found just yet. will give you access to an ever growing list of beautifully constructed golf courses from every corner of this earth from one simple web experience. It will also allow you to find out the experiences of other golfers most importantly the local relevant knowledge, track events and much much more. Using sophisticated technology we take all of the hassle out of keeping up to date with all things golf related.

We will tee off very very soon with a beta version. This will be quickly followed with some extra cool features. In the meantime you can sign up for an invite.