As all of our clients know, we take security pretty serious and we are always aiming to do better on the security stakes. We have learned from the past ourselves with our own personal web projects how important security can be. It’s the reason we are so passionate about trying to keep every website we come into contact with up to date with our Managed WordPress Hosting plans.

We work very closely with Sucuri Security, a company that monitors our client websites and keeps them free of Malware each month. We pro-actively run a Sucuri Scan each and every month on all our customers websites and if we find anything we jump in and clean it up like it was one of our own. If you want us to run a scan at any other time just let us know ;) Just recently the framework we work with on a regular basis has become Sucuri safe and every single line of the theme framework is now Sucuri audited. We love this.

What does that even mean?

With the growing customer base at JamJo all using WordPress, it is of vital importance that the code base that we use is lean, secure, and extendable and that we are proactive with security measures fighting web based malware. We learned from our own mistakes in the past from not updating websites previous to 2011  – and well lets just say we learned the hard way! Only 15% of all WordPress websites running on the Internet today are actually up to date and relatively secure right now so JamJo has a lot of work to do!

So test after test after test was carried out, and not every line has passed the check with Sucuri Security and is good to go.

Every revision of code has been taken into consideration at this point and should continue to be evaluated. Whilst there is not much to be seen visually to understand the amount of work that went into this audit, rest assured that your website is powered by one of the most powerful and stable WordPress theme frameworks available.

Our monthly newsletter will keep everyone up to date on security updates as we try and make sure we cover all basis. If you suspect anything strange on your website that could be Malware or Spam related just let us know and we will do our best to resolve the issue promptly.