This is one of those questions we get asked here at JamJo on a number of occasions. We cover it in hundreds of emails and we talk about it over the phone on almost every single call. “Website Maintenance, why is it so important?” I will attempt in this post to outline why after you build a website you simple must have some maintaining your website if you are not doing it regularly yourself.

First and Foremost what does Website Maintenance include?

  • All WordPress Updates (Core, Themes, Plugins)
  • Free WordPress Migration
  • Compatibility Support (Plugins & Themes)
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Sucuri Malware Monitoring/Clean Up
  • Monthly WordPress Support (One hour support)

There is actually loads more to this but the above are the key components.

Why do I need it?

Most importantly your website is important – when you launch it you put in alot of hard work and probably spent alot of money to get it just right and online in the very first instance. After about 1 month of launch your website software and your plugins you have installed on your website will indeed be out of date. With the rapid increase in development cycles and versions releases a website no longer lasts 6 months before a new version of the CMS (Content Management System) or plugin – it’s now every 2 weeks to 1 month that you will need to update things. So the points below are really a fact of website life these days not a nice addon to have!

1. Security

How many of you have had Malware on your sites before firing out thousands of unwanted emails from your website? How many of you have been hacked before and had some hacker message posted on your homepage about a security flaw in your site or one of your plugins? Every week we up all WordPress plugins and make sure everything is compatible. Without these updates I am afraid to say your WordPress website will go out of date and this is a security issue for your website. A site that is out of date in terms of the Core WordPress or the plugins is a one waiting for something to go wrong!

2. All WordPress Updates

If it can be updated in your WordPress admin, we will update it for you, almost as soon as the updates are released. A real developer, backing up and updating your site. This includes core, themes and plugins. We have a backup procedure that we follow before we ever click the update button. Once more you could of course click the update button but the time and costs associated with fixing a site if something goes wrong can outweigh a years worth of regular maintenance so just do it the right way and make sure an expert is maintaining your site for you.

3. Preventive Maintenance

We will audit and secure your site and set you up for success during our setup process. Every site and hosting environment is different, so we work with you to find the best fit. We run security plugins to monitor and make sure your installation is completely locked down and only authorized users are logging to maintain your websites content.

4. Scheduled Backups

Regularly scheduled backups that fit your needs. We are fanatical about backups, we store backups on Amazon Cloud and we store backups of the database to any location you wish.

5. Sucuri Malware Monitoring

World class security monitoring and malware attack cleanup from the leaders in the industry, Sucuri Security. Stop attacks before they start, eliminate malicious code if they happen; all free with JamJo.

6. Monthly WordPress Support

Every month you get access to our team of developer for website maintenance and support services* to use for anything you need: installing a plugin, cleaning up CSS issues. We have our support policy here if you wish to read further.

Need WordPress Maintenance?

We carry out all this work on a month to month basis with no long contracts and all for less than the price of your Mobile Phone bill! We believe your website is as important as your mobile phone so our advice is keep it up to date. We keep your website safe and up to date and we support you along the way. The growing trend is that most websites online today are out of date so lets start to change that. Get in touch and I am sure we can give some advice at the very least.