This is a question we get asked repeatedly by clients before joining up with the JamJo team, after people join up it all becomes very clear of course, so lets try and explain why the web is moving to this space of managed website updates on a month to month basis. The following is a typical question we get…

“My understanding is unless I want to change data or something structural on the website, there is no support or maintenance or security required, beyond what a normal hosting service would provide anyway. Is my assumption correct? “ quick answer is no and here is why.

JamJo provides Managed WordPress Hosting, which means you (the customer) give up control over things like direct system access, hosting configuration, and the ability to run certain themes and plugins (things you would rarely if ever use anyway with a typical host, unless you are running a unique specific application).  In exchange, we provide a level of service which is possible exactly because we get to control the environment.

Specifically, we make sites faster, more scalable, and more secure, while also providing tech support specifically for WordPress.  We also add features around WordPress, such as automated backups and applying patches to core and/or plugins as they become available. All of which a “normal” cheap host does not provide. They support your hosting environment, JamJo supports it all including your WordPress website ;)

We also get the answer sometimes, “but I don’t need all that because I do not update the static content on my website much!”. Managed WordPress websites has nothing to with your content on your website – even though we help you get that right too :) Let me throw a few statistics at you here…

There are 75,078,790 WordPress website on the internet as of today!. There are currently 30 known WordPress 3.x  core security vulnerabilities and has reported recently that only 15% of users have upgraded to the latest version.Which makes 85% of all websites susceptible to the following…. See the infographic her by clicking here.

Hackers can:

  1. Execute arbitrary code
  2. Redirect your traffic to the hackers site
  3. Inject arbitrary HTML and edit your posts
  4. Cause a DOS
  5. SQL injection and execute commands
  6. Gain access to your passwords
  7. Turn your website into a link network
  8. Embed a backdoor
  9. Embed code in your PHP files

So to avoid this horror you absolutely need to update your website regular and here is what JamJo do that a normal website hosting company cannot do. We manage all your upgrades.

  1. Backup your website regularly
  2. Keep WordPress updated
  3. Keep all plugins updated
  4. Avoid using theme framework from untrusted sources
  5. Ensure your system is Malware and Virus free
  6. Monitor your server and user stats
  7. Remore your WordPress version from your meta description
  8. Protect your directories

If your not currently doing any of this, well its a matter of time before something goes wrong. In time all websites will absolutely need this kind of hosting environment because the speed of updates is just rapidly increasing each month so there is no real way to keep on top of this on your own steam. Just do it the right way.