it came to me whilst in New Jersey this year recording some music at Big Blue Meanie studio…i noticed that the very quest to root out the finest of details and trim and chop and improve could often prove fruitless…and you find you have to tear yourself away before you end up with an over produced amalgamation of your own insecurities…the moral of this ditty? know when to finish….know when the bun is cooked!…..too much aimless tinkering and indulgent meddling will remove whats originally good with your designs…there is such a thing as over thinking it after all

and speaking of finishing websites…your tried and trusty web lords have been busy these last few weeks putting the finishing touches on various work that has come in…some recent and some that have been ongoing…..check out our latest offerings

Olive Bear
H2 Compliance
Bellisima Bras