Have you heard of Google Business Photos? It’s basically Google Maps with Street View except now you get to walk in off the street and view the interiors of buildings. (Don’t worry not residential properties!)

Pretty sweet if you’re a restaurant or pub for example.

Your customers can walk around, explore, and interact with your business with a 360-degree, interactive tour. See it in action here for the Market Lane Restaurant off Oliver Plunkett Street. (It’s making me hungry!)

We recently teamed up with a photographer who’s offering this Google Business Photo service. He’s name is John Roche and he specialises in these Google Business Photos panoramic photography to capture the inside of your business. He was featured in the Irish Examiner last Friday and JamJo got a wee mention…

“…web design specialist JamJo ensure online viewers enjoy a rich visual experience.”

We’ll be integrating Google Business Photos into our websites from here on out. If you’re interested in having the inside of your business captured through Google Business Photos head on over to John’s website. (He explains it in a bit more detail)

Read the full scoop about John Roche and Google’s new Business Photos program over here at the Irish Examiner.