Most website owners don’t even ask their web host how their website and ultimately their data is backed up and they certainly do not ask how their website can be recovered in the event of an unthinkable disaster. Why don’t people ask, well because most cheap web hosts state on their websites that your website is “backed up”, but on the same server as your website!! So it is backed up right? Well it might not be backed up in the best possible way and let us explain why.

Typically your website backups are done a few ways and we have seen them all here at JamJo.

Our backup option here at JamJo is perhaps the least well advertised out there and its because its extremely thorough and a very involved process because we pay attention to our clients needs and we think its critical that our client websites are backed up just the same as our own website. We use Amazon S3 as our partner to backup our client websites every day to store at a remote location and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. It gives our clients access to the same highly scalable, reliable, secure, and fast infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. Now that is robust ;)

A core feature for our clients. Here’s why:

  • A lot of people back up via FTP without even realizing that they do not have true separation between the site itself and the backup location. 9 times out of 10 your backup is sitting on the same server as your website so if you get a hardware failure to your server your backup and your website is gone! Not really a backup!
  • You can of course pay for extra backups with your cheap hosting provider but these costs extra and rarely use Amazon Web Services for your backup.
  • Email backups are impractical for anything but the smallest of backups
  • Dropbox, whilst a great service, can occasionally throw up teething issues and is not really robust enough for larger websites.

So we use Amazon. Not only is Amazon S3 both reliable and secure, it offers a true separation between the website itself and where the backups are kept. If your website server hardware melts down, we have your backup securely located in another location where we can deploy it to a new server. For eCommerce website (storing your website information and your customer information) this is particularly important as each and every day you should be able to call on a backup if needed.

For JamJo clients, we deploy this service for every client on every plan because quality Internet-based storage should be taken for granted, allowing you to worry about other things.

There is more….

  • Secure: Built to provide infrastructure that allows the customer to maintain full control over who has access to their data. Customers must also be able to recover from any failure. A hacked website, a corrupted database, a hardware failure and even a disaster at a data centre.
  • Reliable: Store data with up to 99.999999999% durability, with 99.99% availability. There can be no single points of failure. All failures must be tolerated or repaired by the system without any downtime.
  • Scalable: Amazon S3 can scale in terms of storage, request rate, and users to support an unlimited number of web-scale applications. It uses scale as an advantage: Adding nodes to the system increases, not decreases, its availability, speed, throughput, capacity, and robustness.
  • Fast: Amazon S3 must be fast enough to support high-performance applications. Server-side latency must be insignificant relative to Internet latency. Any performance bottlenecks can be fixed by simply adding nodes to the system.
  • Simple: Building highly scalable, reliable, fast, and inexpensive storage is difficult. Doing so in a way that makes it easy to use for any application anywhere is more difficult. Amazon S3 does both.

We are delighted to offer this service as part of our managed WordPress hosting. A site failure of any kind should not mean the end of your online presence because of a large loss of data. Your WordPress data is really valuable – you’re only a moment away from complete disaster. So make sure you do it right! Use our service and enjoy premium-quality backup services for all of your WordPress sites.