Today JAMJO is 1:) We shall be celebrating this 1 year milestone when we get a break from the pixels…

When we started out a year ago we thought that it’d just be fun to build some websites and start making some mula to fund our madness (this was probably our main motivation to start JAMJO up:). Since the first JAMJO creation went live though, we’ve simply been creating one JAMJO gem after another… and it’s  most fun!….

Our second year starts here and we have a lot of some really exciting creations, new services and ideas to come…watch this here space for for some really great new sites and upcoming launches. We have worked with the greatest clients a company could wish for over the past 12 months and some amazing projects to boot….. social networks, arts blogs, Recording studios, and sites based in Ireland, Thailand, Australia, London and the USA… (I know i’ve left some place out!!)

Over the next year, We hope you get to know us better. We think that our clients enjoy the fact that they know the faces behind the screen, the e-mails they receive and support tickets being answered. It’s just our way of making sure we’re as personal as possible. With JAMJO, we’re hoping to show that we don’t take ourselves too seriously and that JAMJO is our passion before it is our jobs. We can smile and have a bucket-load of fun whilst working incredibly hard…and these things shouldn’t be mutually exclusive….thanks to all who make that possible for us!

Now where is that birthday cake?!!…

as always,
thanking you,
James + Jon