Moving from Joomla to WordPress?

In this post I will try to cover the reasons behind so many businesses now trying to move there website from a Content Management System like Joomla to the all conquering WordPress. It goes without [...]

A Collection of JamJo Logo Designs

An effective online identity starts with a great logo. Sometimes JamJo are presented with the challenge of incorporating our clients' ideologies into this one single graphic. A really good logo will act as a point [...]

  • WordPress Blogging

4 Factors Of Blogging [Infographic]

Here's a nifty infographic showing 4 key points to keep in mind when you're writing content for your WordPress business blog. In short: Include links to related articles, interact with other blogs and link back [...]

Popular WordPress Plugins [Infographic]

A great feature of WordPress is it's plugin architecture. Basically it allows users and developers to extend its abilities beyond the core WordPress installation. For example you might install a plugin that gives you greater [...]

Updating to WordPress 3.6 (Oscar)

Over the coming weeks we'll be updating all our clients websites to the latest version of WordPress (WordPress 3.6). If you currently have a WordPress Hosting plan with JamJo that means you. If you are [...]

  • How popular is WordPress?

How Popular is WordPress? [Infographic]

Did you know that 100,000 new WordPress sites are created every day! And that there is an estimated 69 million WordPress websites in the world! WordPress is a versatile content management system and publishing platform. [...]

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