Logo Design and Branding

It’s a crowded market out there!

Without a proper brand and identity you might find it hard to stand out. In fact you might as well blend in! Your business deserves more than a vanilla coating. It deserves just the right look. At JamJo we will tailor your logo design to your brand’s culture and core values. We can work with you to create a logo design that can strengthen your presence and create the basis for a strong visual brand and represent your company in a meaningful way. Get in touch about your new logo design.

We often design logos in conjunction with a new website design. Maybe you need both? Let us know.


An overview of our logo design service:

  • Logo Design

  • Identity Development

  • Brand Standards

  • Brand Application

  • Our “yawn” Process

Logo Design

An effective logo design can make your business, organisation or product really stand apart from your competitors. Not only that but your logo, if done correctly, can be the seed of all your visual marketing materials. The logo contains the DNA from which all other design work can stem from. It’s important to get right. At JamJo we have produced logo designs for a multitude of industries from healthcare to corporate, from the food sector to IT. Give us a try. You’ll not be disappointed.

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“Great company to work with: epitomizes ‘can do’ attitude. Proactive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable..a great mix of technical, design and digital marketing skills. I’ve been working with this company now for 7 years and it has never left me down and continues to deliver at the highest level. I am happy to unreservedly recommend JamJo Design to companies looking for top class web design and eCommerce services.”

Fionan MurrayFounder, Small Business Can (BA)

Identity Development

Logos don’t live in isolation. When we create a logo design we also look at how the logo can be applied to a larger visual identity. That means we create examples to show how your logo can evolve and be used effectively in various applications. All logos should be flexible enough to grow into larger identities and be applied to various marketing materials offline and on. A sign of a good logo is how easily and effectively that logo can be applied and expanded to facilitate a larger vision.

Brand Standards

We provide easy to follow brand guidelines that outline the DNA of your new logo including fonts and colours used in the logo generation. These guidelines can then inform you how to carry the logo through other applications and ensure the brand matures in a consistent way across multiple collateral.

Brand Application

We provide a suite of corporate design services creating effective digital and print collateral to support your business. If it can be printed or appear on screen then we can design it.

Our Process

We won’t bore you but we’ve nailed down a pretty good logo design process over the years. The main part of which is rolling up our sleeves and coming up with a great logo for our clients. But if you were to break it down:

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  • We chat to you and do some research

  • We look at the industry you are in and we do some more search

  • We brainstorm and start generating ideas

  • We storyboard and present concepts to you

  • We refine based on your feedback

  • We deliver and provide all the relevant files including brand guidelines

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