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The reports section in your Store gives you the ability to see your stores performance from month to month using graphs and stats. Currently the reports section comprises of 3 sections; customers, sales, and stock.


1. Sales Reports

Sales reports are for viewing sales amounts and totals, as well as viewing top sellers and top earners. There are several sub-sections of reports shown below.


The sales reports section starts with the overview section – this gives you an idea of the current months performance via a sales graph and several handy stats such as total sales, total orders, average order totals and average order items.

The sales graph itself shows the number of sales plotted on a purple line, and the sales amount plotted on in green. Hovering over a point will give you the exact figure.


Sales by day

The sales per day section shows sales per day in a given range, similarly to the overview section:

You can choose a custom date range using the date picker at the top of the page. The picker allows you to go back up to a year. After choosing a range both the stats and graph will be updated.

Sales by month

The sales by month section shows a report for the current year by month. These stats and the chart are great for judging month-on-month performance for the year

You can choose the year being displayed using the form above the stats:


Product Sales

The product sales reports show sales at product level; to get started select a product from the drop down and click ‘show’.

After selecting your product you’ll see a list of stats per-month showing sales:

Clicking on a month name will take you to the orders section to see the orders for that month containing the item.

Top sellers / earnings

If you’d like to see top sellers, or top earners, for a certain date range then these reports are ideal:

For the product listed, you can click on the product name to view the product, or the bar to see orders containing the product.



2. Customer Reports

The customers report section contains an overview with the following:

Total customers
Total customer sales
Total guest sales
Total customer orders
Total guest orders
Average orders per customer

There is also a graph showing signups per-day for the month – useful for tracking marketing campaigns etc.


3. Stock reports

Similar to the dashboard widget, stock reports list your low stock and out of stock items as well as the actual quantity left in stock.

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