Adding New Page and New Menu and New Sidebar

Adding a New Page

Login into your WordPress backend and choose Pages from the left hand menu. Click on Add New and you will be able to create a new page. Make sure after writing your page that you choose the layout alignment of the page. If your page has a left hand sidebar menu then you should choose the layout option with the left hand sidebar area.


Adding a Menu Link for your Page

Please see video number 13 in your WordPress backend on "Building Custom Menus.


Adding a new Sidebar for your page

If you create a new page and want to add it to a menu and you have a sidebar menu on any of these pages then you will have to add this sidebar menu to this page also. This is straight forward with the use of the Widget Area plugin. There is a “Widget Areas” menu item under the “Appearance” menu in your WordPress administration area. This is where all Sidebars interaction takes place.


On the “Widget Areas” screen, a list of all currently stored widget areas is displayed. To get started, click the “Add New” link next to the “Widget Areas” title on the screen, to add your first widget area. Adding a widget area consists of several fields: a title, description, the sidebar to be replaced and the conditions for replacing the sidebar.


Please note: if you are simply editing an existing sidebar then you choose an existing title and simply add your page to this sidebar. No more action is needed.


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