Realex Realauth Remote Payment Gateway

Take Credit Card Payments directly on your site.

Realex for WordPress is a gateway plugin that allows you to take credit card payments via Realex directly on your site. With Realex you can accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Laser, Switch and Diners Card.

The customer enters their credit card details on your site during the checkout process and Realex handles the rest. This results in a completely integrated checkout process during which the user never has to leave your site. Realex also offers a secure way to store your customers credit card data in their RealVault. If you enable this feature your customers can choose to save their credit card info for future checkouts, and manage their cards on your site, all without increasing your PCI scope.

This extension uses the Realex Remote protocol to communicate directly with the Realex servers, therefore an SSL certificate is required to ensure your customer credit card details are safe.

How to use

You must have an active merchant account with Realex in order to make use of this plugin.  To take advantage of the RealVault for storing of customer credit card info, contact your Realex salesperson and request that they enable RealVault for your account.

Configure the Gateway

To configure the plugin, go to WordPress eCommerce > Settings > Payment Gateways. You should see “Realex” as an option at the top of the screen. Click Realex to see the settings:

  1. Enable/Disable – Enable or disable the payment method.
  2. Title – Lets you set the title of the gateway shown on the checkout.
  3. Description – Lets you set the description shown on the checkout when a user selects the gateway.
  4. Test Mode – Enable this if you are using a developer/test account from Realex.  Be sure to disable this prior to going live.
  5. Debug Mode – Enable this to place the gateway in debug mode, which will output the full response from the Realex servers on the payment page, for debugging purposes.  Be sure to disable this prior to going live.
  6. Submit for Settlement – Choose whether to authorize the customers card for the purchase amount, or to both authorize and collect the funds.
  7. RealVault – Check this to enable securely saving your customers credit card to your vault. Requires RealVault service to be enabled on your Realex account
  8. Checkout Save Card Text – Enter the text you would like to include next to the checkbox that saves the users credit card to their account. You can leave this blank if you do not have RealVault enabled.
  9. Manage My Cards Text – Enter the text you would like to be in the button that appears during checkout on users that have vaulted credit cards. This button takes the user to their account page so they can remove or update any existing cards on file.
  10. Card Verification – Enable this to require customers to supply their 3 or 4 digit Card Security Code which can be found on the back of most cards
  11. Address Verification Service (AVS) – Enable this to perform an AVS check on customers billing address
  12. Accepted Cards – Select the cards you wish to accept payment from. You can accpet Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Laser, Switch and Diners Card
  13. Merchant ID – Your Realex merchant ID
  14. Shared Secret – The shared secret for your account, provided by your Realex sales rep
  15. Test Account – Optional test account name, if not supplied the default will be used
  16. Live Account – Optional live account name, if not supplied the default will be used
  17. Amex Test Account – Optional test account name for American Express transactions, if not supplied the main test account will be used
  18. Amex Live Account – Optional live account name for American Express transactions, if not supplied the main live account will be used

Address Verification Service (AVS)

The Address Verification Service (AVS) verifies the cardholders address by checking the information provided by at the time of sale against the issuing bank’s records. If a transaction fails an AVS check it will not automatically be declined by your bank. It is an advisory service and requires that the details of non-matched be checked by the you. If this setting is enabled and the AVS result is a non-match the completed order note will be updated with the result of the AVS check, one of:

  1. Not matched
  2. Problem with check
  3. Unable to check – not all countries are supported, and transactions run while in Test Mode will always return this
  4. Partial match

Test Transactions

To perform test transactions, enable Test Mode as described above and supply the test account names as needed. You must also request test card numbers from Realex.

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