Realex Direct Payment Gateway

Realex Direct

Realex Redirect for WordPress is a gateway plugin that allows you to safely and easily accept credit card payments with Realex, without the need for an SSL certificate or undergoing costly PCI compliance.

Customers are automatically redirected to Realex’s secure servers for payment with their hosted payment form, meaning that their credit card information never touches your servers and you don’t need to spend time installing and managing SSL certificates, and can focus on selling more goods and services. With Realex you can accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Laser, Switch and Diners Card.

For a more seamless and integrated checkout process where the customer never leaves your site, consider the Realex Realauth Remote Payment Gateway however you will need to pay for an SSL certificate each year for this type of gateway.

How to Use

You must have an active ecommerce merchant account with Realex in order to make use of this plugin. You will also be required to provide Realex support ( with your referring URL (the URL of your checkout page, this will look like and your response URL (the URL which receives the response of the payment transactions, which will look like Both of these URLs, tailored for your server, will be listed in the Realex settings page within your WordPress eCommerce settings area.

Gateway Configuration

To configure the plugin, go to WordPress Ecommerce > Settings > Payment Gateways. You should see “Realex” as an option at the top of the screen. Click Realex to see the settings:

  1. Enable/Disable – Enable or disable the payment method.
  2. Title – Lets you set the title of the gateway shown on the checkout.
  3. Description – Lets you set the description shown on the checkout when a user selects the gateway.
  4. Test Mode – Enable this if you are using a developer/test account from Realex. Be sure to disable this prior to going live.
  5. Communication Log – Enable this to place the gateway in debug mode, which will log all Realex gateway communication to ecommerce/logs/realex_redirect.txt This is especially useful for troubleshooting payment issues with a redirect/hosted payment gateway like this one, as the Realex server will communicate directly with your server during the checkout process, and this log will capture that communication for future review.
  6. Submit for Settlement – Choose whether to authorize the customers card for the purchase amount, or to both authorize and collect the funds.
  7. Merchant ID – Your Realex merchant ID
  8. Shared Secret – The shared secret for your account, provided by your Realex sales rep
  9. Test Account – Optional test account name, if not supplied the default will be used
  10. Live Account – Optional live account name, if not supplied the default will be used
  11. Response/Referring URLs Configured – Enabling this certifies that you have properly supplied your Referring/Response URL to Your referring URL is the URL of your checkout page and will be in the form of Your response URL will be in the form of replacing with your server name. You can visit the WordPress eCommerce Realex settings page to get the proper URLs for your server. Providing your Referral/Response URLs to Realex is required for successfully accepting payment.

Test Transactions

To perform test transactions, enable Test Mode as described above and supply the test account names as needed. You must also request test card numbers from Realex.

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