Into March and we are getting ready for the new version of WordPress 5.4 in terms of plugin updates. Until that release we have a number of plugin updates to release and update for all clients on a plan with us.

WordPress Forms Plugin V2.4.17

  • Added security enhancements. Credit: Ryan Knell.
  • Added the "Empty (no choices selected)" choice to the conditional logic rule value drop down for Multi Select fields.
  • Added an error message to Form block when no forms exist.
  • Added the gform_print_entry_notes filter.
  • Updated the Field Choices tooltip in the form editor.
  • Updated file upload validation logging statements.
  • Updated documentation links on the Forms > Help page.
  • Updated the print entry stylesheet to remove the page break between the entry and its notes.
  • Updated the gform_form_export_filename filter to include an additional parameter containing the IDs of the forms to be exported.
  • Fixed an issue with the width of the Form Settings submenu links. Credit: The GravityView team.
  • Fixed an issue with the text format {all_fields} output for Multi Select fields created with GF2.2+.
  • Fixed an issue with the tabindex when the form contains a Captcha field which is not the last field.
  • Fixed a PHP notice which occurs when a page containing multiple Ajax enabled Form blocks is displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where an uploaded file could lose the original filename on entry save if it contains multibyte characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the Checkboxes "select all" feature does not trigger calculations.
  • Fixed an issue where the Checkboxes "select all" feature does not function for some form configurations using Poll, Quiz, or Survey fields.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple "other" inputs can be displayed for the Radio Buttons field in some scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue with the entry limit per day for timezones other than UTC.
  • Removed the orphaned (empty) entry deletion task from the daily cron job.

WordPress SEO V13.4.x

  • Fixes a bug where a fatal error would be thrown when saving a post while the type was no longer WP_Post due to filtering.
  • Fixes a bug where .xsl site map files would not be cached correctly.

WordPress Optimzer and caching V5.4.1

  • Added PHP 7.4 support for PHP Compatibility Checker
  • Improved WebP Conversion
  • Fixed bug with WebP image regeneration on image edit
  • Improved plugin localization

Anti-spam dedection Akismet V4.1.4

  • Only redirect to the Akismet setup screen upon plugin activation if the plugin was activated manually from within the plugin-related screens, to help users with non-standard install workflows, like WP-CLI.
  • Update the layout of the initial setup screen to be more readable on small screens.
  • If no API key has been entered, don’t run code that expects an API key.
  • Improve the readability of the comment history entries.
  • Don’t modify the comment form HTML if no API key has been set.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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