No patch release this month for the WordPress core. Just a few plugin updates that are needed below:

WordPress SEO V11.9.0

  • Fixes a bug where the image from the configuration wizard notification was missing an empty alt attribute.
  • Fixes a bug where some translations would be missing in the metabox, sidebar, configuration wizard and the help center.

Forms 2.4.12

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Added From Email validation in the notifications settings.
  • Added From Email warning message in the notification settings when the site domain is not being used for this setting.
  • Updated the default placeholder for new Website fields.
  • Fixed a typo preventing the year sub-label input from displaying when editing a date field and having sub-label placement set to be above inputs.
  • Fixed Dashicons not appearing in the block editor when using a Classic block with a Gravity Forms shortcode whose form contains a Rich Text Editor enabled Paragraph field.
  • Fixed legacy database errors and notices generated during the uninstall process for add-ons.
  • Fixed a PHP fatal error which can occur during entry export if invalid values are entered in the start or end date filters.
  • Fixed PHP errors which could occur if the gform_recent_forms user meta does not contain the expected value.
  • API: Fixed an issue with the way REST API v2 is handling entry values for legacy (pre v2.2) Multi Select fields.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

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