Slightly slower month for WordPress with WordPress V5.2.2 having stabilized a few issues. Plugin updates below listed for this month:

WordPress Forms V2.4.11

  • Added accessibility enhancements.
  • Updated the minimum version of WordPress required for support to 5.1.
  • Updated the system report to include timezone details.
  • Updated new Drop Down type Quantity fields to default to numeric choices. Credit: The GravityView team.
  • Updated the Website type field input markup, removing the unused maxLength attribute. Credit: The GravityView team.
  • Updated the Single Line Text field to validate the value length during submission when the maxLength property is configured. Credit: The GravityView team.
  • Fixed an issue where special characters (e.g. accented characters) in List and Multi-Select fields are ignored when searching for entries.
  • Fixed form scripts not enqueueing when Form block is nested.
  • Fixed an issue where the use of GLOB_BRACE during the daily cron task can cause PHP errors in non-GNU operating systems.
  • Fixed an issue with conditional notification routing when checking if a field value ends with a 0 due to it being treated as an empty string rather than an integer.
  • Fixed the legacy table access PHP notices being displayed when deleting a site on multi-site installations.
  • Fixed an issue with the Address field in the form editor where the source field setting doesn't display the previously selected option when copying values of another field.
  • Fixed an issue with the Rich Text Editor for the Paragraph and Post Body fields with WordPress 5.2 when submit button conditional logic is configured.
  • Fixed an issue with PHP 7.0+ where the submission could die when an invalid calculation formula is evaluated. Credit: The GravityView team.
  • Fixed a PHP notice during validation of the Password strength if JavaScript is disabled in the browser. Credit: The GravityView team.
  • Fixed an issue with submitting when multiple AJAX enabled forms are embedded into one page and invisible reCAPTCHAs are present.
  • Fixed an issue when tabbing through a form where an invisible reCAPTCHA is present.
  • Fixed an issue where a field's character count text could duplicate when submitting an AJAX enabled form.
  • Fixed the required Address field city input missing the aria-required attribute when the zip input is located before the city.
  • Fixed an issue with the background tasks response in the system report containing extraneous characters.

WordPress SEO V11.6

  • Fixes a bug where the Schema @id for Person would be incorrect on posts when author archives where disabled.
  • Fixes a bug where the Schema would contain WebPage instead of CollectionPage for a latest posts homepage and the static posts page type.
  • Fixes a bug where the Organization and Article Schema nodes would incorrectly be output when a website had not set their organization’s name and/or logo.
  • Fixes a bug where the eye marker tooltips would break out of the metabox, which would hide the last part of the tooltip text.
  • Fixes a bug where instances of unfiltered HTML would be allowed in term descriptions where they shouldn’t be.

WordPress itheme security V7.4

  • New: iThemes Security Admin Notices are now conveniently located in the new Security Messages Menu. Check your notices in the Security menu on the WordPress Admin Bar.
  • Enhancement: Add Security Message when a Notification Center email fails to send.
  • Enhancement: Replace Trace IP with IP Tracker Online.
  • Tweak: Remove ‘DELETE’ method from “System Tweaks -> Filter Request Methods”

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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