Happy New Year to all. Another year kicks off and as usual we will be updating our log here at the end of each month to keep every informed of updates. We will be testing the major plugin updates to make sure they are compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and as usual we will be mostly using commercial plugins in order to keep pace with the updates and try to offer the best support levels we can. WP 4.9.3 is still the standard and most plugins now have caught up with things here.

WP V4.9.3

  • Disable attr-value-double-quotes HTMLHint rule since too strict for user input.
  • Add Ctrl/Cmd+F as aliases for persistent search for more intuitive behaviour.
  • Replaces JSHint with esprima.
  • Improve accuracy of message displayed when accessing Customizer with a changeset that is already published or trashed.
  • Prevent showing SFTP theme installation notification in multisite when user cannot install themes.
  • Use changeset-specific "locked" messages when branching is enabled.
  • Prevent frontend previewing from causing a customization lock on the changeset.
  • Let default status for Customizer be draft if user does not have capability to publish.
  • Correct "Add Items" button reference in help text shown after creating a new menu.
  • Ensure customize_autosaved requests only use revision of logged-in user.
  • Include nav menu item for Home custom link in search results for "Home".
  • Ensure media playlists get initialized after selective refresh; expose new wp.playlist.initialize() API.
  • Ensure heartbeat keeps changeset locked when in branching mode.

WordPress SEO V6.2

  • Security hardening through stricter code checks.
  • Reduces the number of times the content analysis is refreshed on page load.
  • Fixes a bug where relative URLs were not counted as internal links in the internal link assessment.
  • Fixes a bug where Premium users would be shown ads when following a certain path through the SEO menu.
  • Fixes a bug where the method of setting the title and meta description templates for the WooCommerce shop page would not work anymore.

WordPress ithemes security V6.8

  • New Feature: Introduces a scheduling framework for handling events. Cron is now used by default, and will switch to using an alternate scheduling system if it detects an error. To disable this detection set ITSEC_DISABLE_CRON_TEST in your wp-config.php file.
  • Important: The ITSEC_FILE_CHECK_CRON and ITSEC_BACKUP_CRON constants have been deprecated. Use ITSEC_USE_CRON instead.
  • Enhancement: Preserve notification settings when the responsible module is deactivated.
  • Bug Fix: Process 404 lockouts on the ‘wp’ hook to prevent a headers have already been sent warning message.
  • Bug Fix: Ensure Hide Backend emails are properly sent when activating Hide Backend before saving the Notification Center for the first time.
  • Bug Fix: Prevent warning from being issued on new installs by allowing previous settings to be preserved if they exist.
  • Bug Fix: Better handle WP_Error objects in mail errors that occurred before updating to first patch release.
  • Bug Fix: A non static method was being called statically.
  • Bug Fix: Fix occasional duplicate backups and file scans.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where scheduled events could repeat on sites that do not properly support WordPress’s cron system.
  • Bug Fix: Reactivating Away Mode now replaces the active file if you had previously removed it.
  • Bug Fix: Ensure lockouts take effect immediately, even on systems where changes to server configuration files do not take effect immediately.

WordPress training videos V4

  • Jetpack and WooCommerce videos are now included, for a total of 90 tutorial videos!
  • Collapsible sections to make the long list of videos more manageable.
  • Added a Settings link on the Plugins page, if user is authorized.
  • Minor CSS revisions and bug fixes.

WordPress Events Calednar V4.6.10

  • Fix – Allow The Events Calendar REST API to be disabled using the tribe_events_rest_api_enabled filter [97209]
  • Fix – Remove the errant div.tribe-events-single-section on the single event view when there is no venue [97615]
  • Fix – Make sure the date for past events is set to the current date not the end of the day of the current date [71936]
  • Fix – Use featured_color_scheme_custom if present as mechanism to overwrite the default color scheme for highlight color [96821]
  • Fix – Make sure the date for past events is set to the current date not the end of the day of the current date [71936]
  • Tweak – Trigger an event map-created.tribe when a map is created to allow flexibility on customization [91984]
  • Tweak – Add a link to the knowledge base about ‘Setting Up Your Google Maps API Key’ [89761]
  • Tweak – Add the_title filter to events called by tribe_events_template_data [38237]
  • Tweak – Made the “events” and “event” slugs translatable by WPML and other multilingual plugins [95026]
  • Tweak – Introduced the tribe_events_query_force_local_tz filter to allow for forcing non-UTC event start and end times in Tribe__Events__Query [92948]
  • Tweak – Prevent empty or otherwise-invalid values for various date-format options in the Display settings [94725]
  • Tweak – Brought day number headers in the Month View into compliance with WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards when using the “Tribe Events” stylesheet [68411]
  • Tweak – Improved the alignment of the event cost on the single-event view (props to @canberraclimbersassociation for reporting this bug) [97208]
  • Tweak – Added some more context to the labeling of the “Number of events per page” option (thanks to Todd H. for highlighting this label) [73659]
  • Tweak – Improve performance on Event Admin List Count by removing JOIN and use cached results [63567]
  • Tweak – Made the “/page/” component of some views’ URL string translatable [40976]
  • Tweak – Button “Merge Duplicates” is always visible from now on [75208]
  • Tweak – Allow queries to explicitly include or exclude events that are nominally hidden from event listings [91254]

WordPress Gallery Nextgen V2.2.43

  • NEW: Partner page for Imagify image optimization
  • Secured: Image property escaping case-sensitive
  • Secured: Vulnerable to CVE-2017-2416 buffer overflows
  • Kudos: Zhouyuan Yang of Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs
  • Fixed: Incorrect CSS class format used in form generator text field
  • Fixed: Clean exit in FastCGI environments

WordPress User role editor V4.40

  • Update: use wp_roles() function from WordPress API instead of initializing $wp_roles global variable directly.
  • Fix: Bug was introduced by version 4.37 with users recalculation for “All” tab after excluding users with “administrator” role. Code worked incorrectly for Japanese locale.

Monday, February 5, 2018

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