We finally have some news on WordPress eCommerce 3.5 and will be updating all client sites shortly to this version. Some big improvements on the way in terms of speed and also just general small improvements across the board. In next months release notes we will make sure to outline all the changes here to the core WordPress version.

WordPress SEO V8.3

  • Fixes a bug where an incorrect time would be outputted in the article:published_time and article:modified_time meta properties when a timezone with numerical UTC offset was used (e.g. UTC+10).
  • Fixes a bug where the article:published_time and article:modified_time meta properties would be localized. Props to AminulBD.
  • Fixes a bug where the structured data rendered by the Gutenberg How-To and FAQ blocks was rendered on pages with multiple posts.
  • Fixes a bug where snippet variables would not be replaced in the og:description of taxonomies when they were added in the Facebook Description input field.
  • Fixes a bug where babel-polyfill would throw an error that there shouldn’t be two instances of babel-polyfill.
  • Fixes a bug where the bold button was available in the How-to block’s step title and the FAQ block’s Question field while they were already bold by default.
  • Fixes a bug that caused keywords beginning with the Turkish characters İ / i and I / ı not to be recognized when changing that character from lowercase to uppercase and vice versa.

WordPress Events V4.6.24

  • Fix – Prevent broken and low-resolution Google Maps if user has not provided a Google Maps API key of their own by providing our own fallback API key [114442]
  • Fix – Only load widget assets when widget is active on the page [113141]
  • Fix – Ensure that venue, organizer, and meta information doesn’t show on password-protected events [102643]
  • Fix – Correct the Google Maps API link in the Settings help text to point to the correct API page [112322]
  • Fix – Restores the event categories and tags creation summary in CSV imports [105888]
  • Fix – Updated the Events Gutenberg extension install check to show only when the extension is not active [114577]
  • Fix – Stop potential fatal errors from debug logging when running EA import actions from command line [114555]
  • Fix – Fixed a bug where it was often not possible to un-check the “Enable JSON-LD” option in the Events List Widget (thanks to @myrunningresource and @craigwilcox for reporting this!) [113541]
  • Fix – Ensure that the tribe-events-bar-should-show filter functions as aspected; if __return_false is passed, the Tribe Bar will be totally hidden (thanks @debranettles for reporting this!) [112260]
  • Fix – Added checks to prevent JS Type Error in mobile view. Thanks szenenight, agrilife and others for flagging this! [113524]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_events_month_daily_events filter to the Month view [114041]
  • Tweak – Move Google Maps API loading to tribe_assets and only load once on single views when PRO is active, thanks to info2grow first reporting [112221]
  • Tweak – Accept 0 as an argument in tribe_get_events() so that 'post_parent' => 0 works, thanks Cy for the detailed report [111518]
  • Fix – handle left-over Facebook scheduled imports and notices [114831]

WordPress Forms V2.3.4

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Added the gform_pre_handle_confirmation action.
  • Added the gform_pre_entry_detail action hook which runs before entry detail page is displayed. Credit: Scott Kingsley Clark from Pods Framework.
  • Added the gform_post_update_entry_property action hook which runs after an entry property is updated. Credit: Scott Kingsley Clark from Pods Framework.
  • Added the gform_form_export_filename filter to change form export filename.
  • Added error suppression for chmod() and touch() function calls.
  • Added the gform_incomplete_submission_pre_save filter allowing the entire incomplete submission to be overridden before it is saved to the database.
  • Added the gform_incomplete_submission_post_get filter allowing the entire incomplete submission to be overridden after it is retrieved from the database.
  • Updated the  page to display admin messages.
  • Updated the Add-Ons section of the System Report to remove the redundant "view details" link when the add-ons minimum requirements are not met.
  • Fixed the form failing validation when a field is both required and set to hidden visibility.
  • Fixed issue with total calculation when using a quantity drop down field with decimal values.
  • Fixed non-functional save link when the next or submit button is hidden by conditional logic.
  • Fixed an issue with a localized string.
  • Fixed an issue when searching for slashes and double quotes.
  • Fixed the Enhanced UI styles overriding the styles for other chosen.js enhanced selects located outside the form wrapper.
  • Fixed the $resume_token parameter of the "gform_incomplete_submission_pre_save" filter being empty.

Jetpack WordPress stats V6.6

* Admin Interface: update all Jetpack settings screens to use a similar design.
* API: add flags to determine if Jetpack Search is enabled and supported.
* CDN: First Beta version of the Photon CDN -- Speed up sites and increase max concurrent connections through Photon by cloud-hosting Jetpack and WordPress Core scripts, styles, and assets.
* Contact Form: add filters to allow customizing the class attributes of inputs and buttons.
* General: add more constants to error log for the Jetpack test suite.
* Gutenberg: add infrastructure necessary to add new blocks via Jetpack.
* Lazy Images: load the placeholder via the `srcset` attribute instead of the `src` attribute.
* Masterbar: add link to Activity Log.
* Publicize: the Path Social Network is closing in October. The option has consequently been removed from the Publicize interface.
* Search: improve the feature activation process.
* Search: update the admin interface to give more information about what the feature does and how it can be used.
* Simple Payments: update all mentions of the product for a more consistent naming convention and less confusion for both site owners and translators.
* Sync: log action when an attachment is added to a post for the first time.
* Sync: add URL details to synchronization requests.
* Sync: detect if a post is saved via Gutenberg when synchronizing post events.

Friday, October 5, 2018

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