We are all awaiting wordpress eCommerce 3.5 but in the meantime we have some updates to WordPress SEO which is much needed and some security updates from the various premium plugins that we use on client plans.

WordPress SEO V8.1.1

  • Fixes compatibility with Gutenberg 3.7, which removed a feature we were relying on.
  • Fixes a bug where the Twitter meta-tags would not have the snippet variables replaced with their dynamic values.
  • Fixes a bug where the og:url would not be set to the canonical URL if the canonical URL is explicitly set on Post types, Terms or Tags.
  • Fixes a bug on the Term page when editting the slug, it would not be updated in the Snippet Preview directly.

Jetpack WordPress Stats V6.5

 AMP: Fix PHP notice when rendering AMP images with unknown width and height.
* Contact Forms: We fixed an issue where personal data eraser requests didn't erase all requested feedback.
* General: Improves compatibility with the upcoming PHP 7.3.
* General: Updated input validation for meta tags given in site verification.
* Lazy Images: Deprecated jetpack_lazy_images_skip_image_with_atttributes filter in favor of jetpack_lazy_images_skip_image_with_attributes to address typo.
* Sharing: Fixed duplicate rel tags on Sharing links.
* Search: Fixed an issue where a CSS and JavaScript file could be enqueued unnecessarily if the Search module was activated and if the site was using the Query Monitor plugin.
* Shortcodes: Updated Wufoo Shortcode to always load over https and use async form embed.
* Widgets: Fixed excessive logging issue with Twitter Timeline widget.
* Widgets: Removed cutoff date check for Twitter Timeline widget as it is no longer necessary.
* Widgets: Added decimal precision validator to Simple Payments Widget price field on the Customizer for supporting Japanese Yen.

WordPress Events V4.6.23

  • Fix – Fixed the “Full Styles” mobile view. Thanks Matthew, Laura and others for flagging this! [112301]
  • Fix – Modify resource url function to work in mu-plugin directory, thanks to Doug for reporting it [86104]
  • Fix – Remove references to and settings for Facebook importing in Event Aggregator [112432]
  • Fix – Ensure Event Aggregator allows for importing events from Eventbrite sites other than, including but not limited to,, and [107821]
  • Fix – Allow venue location fields to be intentionally empty on Venue Singular REST API calls [108834]
  • Tweak – Add the WordPress Custom Fields Metabox show|hide settings from the Events Calendar Pro [109815]
  • Tweak – Allow changing Event Aggregator import process system between the asynchronous and the cron-based one; previously only available as a filter [113418, 113475]
  • Tweak – Allow stopping and clearing asynchronous queue processes from the admin UI [113418, 113475]
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Aggregator__Record__Facebook

Friday, September 7, 2018

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