We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year. We hope business is strong for all our clients. We have amaintenance update notice below for WordPress 5.0.x

WordPress 5.0.3

5.0.3 is a maintenance release that includes 37 bug fixes and 7 performance updates. The focus of this release was fine-tuning the new block editor, and fixing any major bugs or regressions. We have made sure the classis editor remains in place for most clients as this is the more traditional view that users want to maintain for now.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • 15 block editor related bug fixes and improvements have been added to bundled themes. Make sure to update these for an improved block editing experience.
  • 2 block editor related internationalization (I18N) bugs have been fixed
  • Users with JavaScript disabled now see a notice when attempting to use the block editor.
  • A few PHP errors in the Customizer have been fixed.
  • Some issues uploading common file types, like CSVs, have been fixed.

WordPress Security V7.0.2

  • Enhancement: Add UI to cancel in progress File Scan.
  • Enhancement: Add basic admin debug page to help diagnosing and resolving issues. Particularly with the events.
  • Enhancement: Add debug settings JSON editor.
  • Enhancement: Continually evaluate password strength for users instead of only during registration.
  • Enhancement: Introduce Password Requirements module for managing and enforcing password requirements.
  • Bug Fix: Accessing password requirement settings would not resolve properly in some instances.
  • Bug Fix: Away Mode would not lock out users who were already logged-in during the “away” period.
  • Bug Fix: Enforce the Strong Passwords requirement during Security Check.
  • Bug Fix: Ensure scheduling lock is cleared by the Cron Scheduler when not proceeding with running events.
  • Bug Fix: If a password requirement has been disabled or is no longer available, don’t consider the password as needing a change.
  • Bug Fix: Only hide “Acknowledge Weak Password” checkbox if the user was not allowed to use a weak password.
  • Bug Fix: Password strength would not be evaluated if password was set using custom PHP or CLI commands.
  • Bug Fix: Prevent File Change from getting stuck in an infinite rescheduling loop on the first step.
  • Bug Fix: Remove distributed storage table on uninstall.
  • Tweak: Don’t write to the tracked files setting if the file hash has not changed.
  • Tweak: If no last password change date is recorded for the user, treat their registration date as the last change date.

WordPress Sgcaching Speed v5.0.7

  • Fixed bug with notifications removal
  • Fixed bug with modifying wrong .htaccess file for installations in subdirectory
  • Flush redux cache when updating to new version
  • Improved check for existing SSL rules in your .htaccess file
  • Added check and removal of duplicate Gzip rules in your .htaccess file
  • Added check and removal of duplicate Browser caching rules in your .htaccess file

Thursday, January 10, 2019

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