Maintenance Update 12.9

So we have our security patch for WordPress 5.4.2 as expected. We have also patched the SG cacher plugin which was creating issues with cache reloading after this update. Basically the SG cach system was not allowing the database wipe stored files after a page update or post update. This was now been rectified. This security and maintenance ... Read More »

3rd Jul 2020
Maintenance Update 12.8

Another round of simple security patches for the core forms and SEO plugins this time around.The main WordPress security patches for WordPress 5.4 should follow soon. We will update all plans except eCommerce websites straight away. All eCommerce extensions will need to be tested first for the core update. WordPress forms (gravity) ... Read More »

5th Jun 2020
Maintenance Update 12.7

So after a little bit of a slow start we are rolling out the new WordPress 5.4 release. Please note as usual we never update immediately as the first major release will always have some bugs so we will wait for the Wordpress 5.4.1 release for full deployment. We also have a number of plugin updates that now all work with PHP 7.3.x and upwards ... Read More »

1st May 2020
Maintenance Update 12.6

Into March and we are getting ready for the new version of WordPress 5.4 in terms of plugin updates. Until that release we have a number of plugin updates to release and update for all clients on a plan with us. WordPress Forms Plugin V2.4.17 Added security enhancements. Credit: Ryan Knell. Added the "Empty (no choices selected)" choice to ... Read More »

1st Apr 2020
Maintenance Update 12.5

This month we have a good few updates to get through after a WordPress release the plugin updates come thick and fast ;)WordPress SEO V13: Hides the Facebook settings when Open Graph is disabled. Adds a success state to the paginated comments Health Check. This means the paginated comments check will also be shown when the paginated comments ... Read More »

3rd Feb 2020
Maintenance Update 12.4

Happy New year to everyone. We will kick off this year with a set of updates.WordPress SEO V12.7 Fixes a bug where sub-sitemaps were rendered for non-public custom post types. Fixes a bug where nested gallery images were not included in the image count in the sitemap. Fixes a bug where the notification center ‘dismiss’ and ‘restore’ ... Read More »

3rd Jan 2020
Maintenance Update 12.3

This month will see the roll out of WordPress 5.3 kirk, its mostly a roll out of the new block editor components so will not affect many plans. Below are a list of security patches rolled out this month to the V5.2.x version.Akismet V4.1.3 Prevented an attacker from being able to cause a user to unknowingly recheck their Pending comments for ... Read More »

12th Nov 2019
Maintenance Update 12.2

Another month of updates here, nothing really major on the WordPress core has been done in a few months, however a number of patch releases have been made to the core for security reasons. We have applied these patches to all older WordPress version in the V4.x range and also newer versions in the V5.x range. All security updates have been made ... Read More »

4th Oct 2019
Maintenance Update 12.1

No patch release this month for the WordPress core. Just a few plugin updates that are needed below:WordPress SEO V11.9.0 Fixes a bug where the image from the configuration wizard notification was missing an empty alt attribute. Fixes a bug where some translations would be missing in the metabox, sidebar, configuration wizard and the help ... Read More »

1st Sep 2019
Maintenance Update 12

Slightly slower month for WordPress with WordPress V5.2.2 having stabilized a few issues. Plugin updates below listed for this month:WordPress Forms V2.4.11 Added accessibility enhancements. Updated the minimum version of WordPress required for support to 5.1. Updated the system report to include timezone details. Updated new Drop Down type ... Read More »

30th Jul 2019